Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel | MarciMoss  | 16oz Jar
Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel | MarciMoss  | 16oz Jar
Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel | MarciMoss  | 16oz Jar

Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel | MarciMoss | 16oz Jar

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Made of 100% Wildcrafted Irish Sea Moss. We lovingly soak and cleanse our Irish moss with spring water and healing stones. When our ancestors say its time, we process it into a smooth gel consistency. MarciMoss Sea Moss Gel is a special formula with a time releasing effect, known to deliver nutrients throughout the day. This product is a plant based dietary supplement and has not been tested or approved by the FDA.

Wildcrafted sea moss contains over 80 essential nutrients that we use to function. The nutritional density is what makes sea moss so powerful when taken daily. Seamoss is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps make you feel full between meals, which can aid weight loss. MarciMoss is used to boost your daily intake of nutrients like B Vitamins, Zinc and Iron that can boost your heart and respiratory health.

Sea moss has great skin benefits. It's a natural treatment for eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rashes. It has natural antibacterial properties and is known as "nature's collagen" due to it's ability to reduce wrinkles and hydrate your skin. Use MarciMoss as a face mask on your personal spa day to nourish your body in every way possible. 

More Sea Moss Benefits
Immune system boost
Mental Clarity
Weight Loss
Energy Boost
Improved Sleep
Improved Libido
Bone/Muscle Repair
Inflammation/gout relief
Acne/Eczema Treatment
Hair Regrowth
Deep Conditioner for Hair

How to use MarciMoss:
Melt sea moss gel in a hot drink, like tea.
Blend it in your smoothie.
Use it on your skin as a face mask to reduce irritation and wrinkles.
Use it in your hair as a deep conditioner or hair mask for natural shine and regrowth.
Use sea moss gel while detoxing.
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We'll be here all day listing benefits. It's Amazing. Dr. Sebi Approved. Vegan. Alkaline. Dietary Supplement.
Size: 16oz (1 lb) jar

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**Disclaimer: None of these benefits or claims are guaranteed. These products are dietary supplements and are not FDA tested or approved.

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