Bulk Wildcrafted Sea Moss | Dehydrated Irish Moss
Bulk Wildcrafted Sea Moss | Dehydrated Irish Moss
Bulk Wildcrafted Sea Moss | Dehydrated Irish Moss
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Bulk Wildcrafted Sea Moss | Dehydrated Irish Moss

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Where do we get our sea moss?
Better than St Lucian sea moss! Our dehydrated sea moss is wildcrafted and never comes from a pool. Our sea moss is sourced from Ho Chi Mihn City. This sea moss is sourced from natural bodies of water that are preserved areas for natural resources and wildlife. Meaning the bodies of water in this tropical area are much cleaner and less polluted than those in the Caribbean. This allows the sea moss to thrive in its environment and produce a sea moss that is even stronger in nutrients and cleaner in taste. Our sea moss is dehydrated by the sun with no salt added. 2oz of our dehydrated sea moss makes more than 1LB of sea moss gel!

Sea moss benefits:
Sea moss provides 92 of 102 vitamins and minerals needed to function. Most diseases and ailments are due to nutritional deficiencies. This is a supplement that can help fill in the void. It's a plant base source of minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and more. It's also great for an immune system boost. Sea moss extracts mucus from your body which results in improved lung health. Good for heart health, radiation poisoning, brain health, and so much more. Dehydrated sea moss allows you to consume sea moss at your leisure since we don't have to worry about it spoiling until it's soaked in water. As long as the sea moss is dry it can last well over 6 months.

How to make sea moss gel:
Soak dry sea moss in clean water
Rinse and clean it
Soak sea moss in large bowl or tub for a few hours
Blend sea moss in blender and add water until smooth
Or you can add a stem of sea moss to your smoothies!

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