WholyWater | Soursop Herbal Tea 32 oz | Pack of 2
WholyWater | Soursop Herbal Tea 32 oz | Pack of 2
WholyWater | Soursop Herbal Tea 32 oz | Pack of 2

WholyWater | Soursop Herbal Tea 32 oz | Pack of 2

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WholyWater is like a baptism for your insides. Some say it’s a detox tea, but it’s so much more than that. We manifest greatness with spring water and parts of the soursop* plant to create a concentrated herbal tea that can be used as a holistic dietary supplement. Rich in vitamin B17, we have to be honest, this health drink was created to nourish your melanin* and so much more. We uplift this concentrated soursop tea with mango leaves and hibiscus flowers for flavor options.
This is a dietary supplement and it has not been tested or approved by the FDA.

WholyWater is unsweetened and tastes like herbal infused water with an herbal aftertaste. An 8oz serving is suggested 1 to 3 times daily.

+Immune Support
Soursop is a huge source of Vitamin C and B Vitamins
+Better Rest
We're not sure why, but Soursop leaves can boost your quality of sleep. It gives you a boost of energy when waking up too.
+Radiation Recovery
This formula contains acetogenins which can assist in inhibiting or destroying free radicals.
+Weight Loss
Soursop tea works as an appetite suppressant. It also can regulate bowel movements and boost metabolism.
+Pain Relief
Soursop leaves have been used as an anti inflammatory agent for centuries. WholyWater can relieve menstrual cramps.

None of these results are guaranteed.

If intended for weight loss and detoxing, we recommend drinking 8oz of WholyWater 2-3 times-daily. Consistency is Key for intended results. For and extra health boost, pair with our WholyTrinity or MarciMoss Sea Moss Gel! Pair with WholyTrinity for a safe detox.

2 Bottles Per Unit Purchased
Bottle Size 32oz - 4 servings per bottle
Flavors: Egyptian(Sweeter), Mango, Pure

More Benefits:
Weight Loss
Detox. Purifies Blood
Kills Parasites & Bacteria
Anti Diabetic Properties
Gastrointestinal Health
Huge Source of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene
Boosts Kidney & Liver Health
Diarrhea Relief
Lowers Blood Pressure
Treatment for Anxiety & Depression.
Balance. Better Sleep. More Energy.
Pet Friendly. Plant Based. Vegan. Holistic.
*Do NOT drink this if you have low blood pressure

About Soursop:
Soursop is a fruit, known as a superfood, that can only be grown in rich black soil exclusive to the equator. The leaves, bark, and stems of the soursop plant contain a powerful dose of medicinal properties(listed above). Different parts of this plant including the stems and leaves have been used in many herbal medicines. We use these parts of the plant to create WholyWater.
*About Melanin:
Melanin is so much deeper than the pigment of your skin. It’s literally everything that makes you who you are. The pineal gland(third eye) gives melanin power, a calcified pineal gland cannot do the same. Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the brain reach other areas of the body more rapidly in people of color. Melanin protects against parasites of the central nervous system. It’s found in brain cells and muscle. Melanin on the inside as well as the outside protects against DNA degradation, it speeds up the transmission of messages to the brain and body. It’s able to dissipate a high percentage of UV radiation that is absorbed from the sun.

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