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Sea Moss Self Care Gift Box | Sea Moss Soap | Sea Moss Facial | MarciMoss Gummies

Sea Moss Self Care Gift Box | Sea Moss Soap | Sea Moss Facial | MarciMoss Gummies

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We don't accept returns because these items are made to order and are mostly perishable. Please contact us to report any damages or mistakes. We're happy to offer a replacement in most cases. Email or text us for more info. 702-557-4646

Sea Moss = Self Care
Sea Moss is popular because of it's health benefits, but it gets even better than that. Sea moss for your skin takes nourishment to another level! This gift set is perfect for your health conscious loved one!

Sea Moss Self Care Gift Set Includes:
Plain Jane Sea Moss Soap, Set of 7- This gift box includes our original unscented sea moss bar soap, sea moss + oats bar soap, and sea moss + turmeric bar soap. This all natural soap hydrates the skin like no other. Feed your skin with a nourishing sea moss soap made with a coconut oil base. This soap is great for those with sensitive skin. 

MarciMoss Sea Moss Gel (2-4oz jars) - This version of MarciMoss is the same formula of the 16oz MarciMoss, it's just smaller. You can use this mini version of our sea moss gel as a face and hair mask. Sea moss works as an antibiotic when used on the skin and these properties may act against acne causing bacteria. It conditions your skin and leaves it soft and smooth with a layer of moisture and glow that can help protect your skin from harsh environmental elements. Must be refrigerated upon delivery
Size- 4oz Jars (2)

Sea Moss Gummies (60 count) - Sea moss is the new hair, skin, and nail multivitamin. They're not extremely sweet and are a great alternative to pure sea moss gel. The main ingredient in these gummies is wildcrafted sea moss. Kid friendly, and are safe to consume while pregnant. 
ize- 9oz Bottle, containing about 60 gummies.

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