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Autographed Supersoss Seamoss by Celeb Actor Markice Moore

Autographed Supersoss Seamoss by Celeb Actor Markice Moore

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We don't accept returns because these items are made to order and are mostly perishable. Please contact us to report any damages or mistakes. We're happy to offer a replacement in most cases. Email or text us for more info. 702-557-4646

Celeb Actor Markice Moore received a care package from us for Christmas. He loved our products so much he asked to stop by to learn more about our products. We couldn't say no! 🤩 Markice Moore left us with a few jars of Supersoss that he made himself in the Nicko Kitchen Shop Warehouse. There are only 3 available! We will be donating 100% of the money earned to a Black Owned Nonprofit. If you have suggestions on where to donate please email us at support@nickokitchenshop.com

Supersoss is an applesauce sea moss snack that makes it easy to eat seamoss consistently. It is made of real wildcrafted sea moss, apples, spices, and a tiny amount of sugar. For more info about Supersoss, click this link

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