Wholy Sea Moss Gift Set | Sea Moss Bladderwrack Burdock Root | Soursop Herbal Tea

Wholy Sea Moss Gift Set | Sea Moss Bladderwrack Burdock Root | Soursop Herbal Tea

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Due to popular demand, we present to you the WholyTrinity Sea Moss Gift Set with WholyWater. Our best selling combo is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. This gift set is gift wrapped and comes with a gift message. Be sure to leave a gift note while checking out!

The WholyTrinity is a natural source of all 102 vitamins and minerals we need to function. It's popular for the energy boost it provides with its nutritional density. Made of sea moss gel, burdock root, and bladderwrack the WholyTrinity is great for heart health and diabetes. It boosts the immune system and sexual health. Paired with hot WholyWater soursop tea, there's an even bigger boost of antioxidants, vitamin C, and properties needed to support a healthy body.

The main ingredient used in WholyWater is soursop leaves and spring water. This soursop tea is unsweetened and flavored with mango and hibiscus flowers. WholyWater is detox tea without the flushing effect. It's great for gut health and regulating metabolism. The soursop leaf ingredient is known to boost sound sleep without the grogginess in the morning. Mango leaves are known to treat diabetes and high blood pressure. Treat yourself with a wholy blend of WholyTrinity sea moss, burdock root, bladderwrack blend and WholyWater soursop tea.
These products are dietary supplements and are not tested by the FDA

How to use:
Drink up to 2 or 3 - 8oz servings of WholyWater, hot or cold. You can sweeten with agave or honey.
Melt 1 to 2 TBSP of WholyTrinity in hot WholyWater, hot tea or coffee.
Blend WholyTrinity in your smoothies.
Use WholyTrinity as face or hair mask.

Wholy Sea Moss Bundle includes:
WholyTrinity Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root Gel - 16oz jar
WholyWater Soursop Tea Set of 2 - 32oz bottles

How to Store: Refrigerate upon delivery. If you're gifting this in person keep everything cool until the day you're giving the gift. It's safe to keep it in a cool dark place for about 6 hours.

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**Disclaimer: None of these benefits or claims are guaranteed. These products are dietary supplements and are not FDA approved.

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