How to Use Sea Moss and WholyWater

Upon Delivery Please Refrigerate Sea Moss Gel Products
Sea moss gel may be runny like liquid, in order to return to gel it must be refrigerated at least 4 hours before it is consumed. 
WholyWater and SuperSoss should be refrigerated upon delivery.
Sea moss gummies do not need to be refrigerated.

How to Use Sea Moss Gel Products:

  • Take 1 spoonful of sea moss daily if this is your first time. Increase as needed. 
  • You can eat sea moss gel straight up, blend it in a smoothie, or melt it in hot tea, water, or coffee.
    • The WholyTrinity and DoubleWhammy are not made to taste good. It is best to mix these sea moss blends with tea or smoothies. 
  • Use sea moss as a face mask by applying it to your skin. Simply rub the sea moss on your clean face like a mask and let it dry until your face tightens. Rinse with warm water.
  • Use it in your hair as a moisturizing conditioner. Apply generous amount of sea moss to hair in sections, wet or dry. Wrap hair in shower cap. Leave hair covered until your edges tighten. Rinse hair with warm water and wash or condition if sea moss smell is too strong.

How to Use WholyWater Soursop Tea

  • Each bottle contains 32oz. That's 4 servings per bottle.
  • Recommended serving size is 8oz. 1 Bottle Max Daily.
  • Best if paired with WholyTrinity for detox.
  • Drink WholyWater hot or cold. 
    • If drinking cold, heat sea moss gel in a little bit of hot water and add it to ice tea.
    • Sweeten with agave or honey. Add a small amount of lemon juice or a thin lemon slice with ice for a refreshing summer drink. 

How to Use Sea Moss Gummies

  • Start with 2 gummies daily, increase as needed.
  • The gummies are kid friendly and they're safe to eat 2 daily. For small children, start with 1 daily.
  • Sea moss gel is a dietary supplement and has not been tested by the FDA, while you can consume more sea moss gummies daily please be cautious.

How to Use SuperSoss Sea Moss Snack

  • This is to be consumed as a snack. Adults can eat 4oz servings. Children can eat 2 to 4 ounce servings. It's okay to eat 2 servings daily.
  • Mix it with your oatmeal to sweeten it.

How to Use Raw Sea Moss:

  • Soak dry sea moss in water. When soaking less than 12oz do not exceed 3 hours soaking dry sea moss.
  • Rinse and clean sea moss under running water. 
  • Soak sea moss in spring water. Do not exceed 4 hours.
  • Blend sea moss gel in smoothie, mix in salad mix, or blend with spring water.
  • Refrigerate any sea moss that has been soaked in water if you're not using it immediately. 

Thank you for ordering with us! We know you have ton of options when it comes to sea moss products. Thank you for choosing us!

Enjoy <3

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