Sea Moss Smoothie Guide w/ Recipes

Our portable 2-in-1 Blender and Juicer is a must-have when you're on the go. It comes with a USB charger cord, reusable straw with a straw cleaner, a foam cleaning brush, and an instruction manual with over 50 smoothie, juice, and milkshake recipes. Just add 2oz or more of sea moss gel for an extra boost of essential nutrients. (swipe down for more)
This portable blender works best with crushed ice or small ice cubes. Our tiny ice cube trays create the perfect ice cube every time, you can even freeze your sea moss gel in the other tray for easy access (and it extends the normal shelf life of sea moss). Our Blender Boyz Smoothie Mix makes blending smoothies on the go even easier. All you need is water (liquid of choice), ice, and sea moss gel to make a tasty and nutritious sea moss smoothie anytime. It's made with real fruit and it's packed with vitamin c and fiber. This smoothie mix pairs perfectly with sea moss gel because you won't be able to taste the sea moss gel and it will help thicken the sea moss smoothie. You can't go wrong with this one! (swipe down for more)
Boost your blender boyz fruit smoothie mix with more than one sea moss gel product, yogurt, protein powder, fresh fruit, or chia and flax seeds. The possibilities are endless when sea moss smoothies are on the menu. 
Did you know that fruits like cucumbers and watermelon can help you stay hydrated? That's right, you can eat your water too!
5 reasons sea moss gel should be in your smoothies
Of course, we could come up with more than 5 reasons sea moss gel should be in your smoothie, but we'll save that for next time 😉 Thanks for reading.
Be safe, be healthy 💪🏾
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Love the product..I have recommended it to my in mother in law and she likes it too

Jamar Woodson

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