About Nicko Kitchen Shop

About Us

In 2017, Chef Ty’s vision of our community accessing affordable healthy meals led her to start Nicko Kitchen. The journey of Nicko Kitchen began with the plate trap. Chef Ty would make vegetable dominant meals and visit black owned barbershops in Las Vegas to sell plates. For the next two years Nicko Kitchen transformed into a meal prep and catering/chef service.
During this time, Chef Ty teamed up with Traveling Chef (another black owned business) to push the brand forward. With the help of Traveling Chef, Nicko Kitchen provided craft services for a movie production! By the start of 2020, Nicko Kitchen catered its first commercial shoot for Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas!

While catering and private chef gigs were fun, Chef Ty kept the needs of her loved ones and community first. She began creating dietary supplements like WholyWater Soursop Tea alongside her mother, who was inspired to create MarciMoss and WholyTrinity. They joined forces and began giving samples to friends and family in Oklahoma to test their recipes. The sea moss business wasn’t slow after that, Chef Ty had no choice other than to resign as a full time private chef. Thus, Nicko Kitchen, the Shop, was born. Within 6 months of being in business, over 4000 units of sea moss and soursop products were created and sold! We have elevated from “plate trapping" healthy food to now offering plant based dietary supplements, such as MarciMoss, and even dehydrated wildcrafted sea moss products at wholesale pricing.

Tyler (Chef Ty) and her mother, Marcia are the owners and operators of Nicko Kitchen Shop. We have witnessed our people perish because of nutritional deficiency for too long and are dedicated to establishing a new era of black health and wealth. Although we don’t claim to provide cures, we have seen the positive impact of these dietary supplements on our family and
desire to share it with you. Integrity is paramount in each order we fulfill because our ultimate goal is to push the culture forward. We are truly grateful you visited our shop and hope you enjoy a healthy and wealthy life!