Collection: Summer Collection - Price Drop

We use cold packs to keep our sea moss gel fresh in transit. But due to Mother Nature during the summer, we do have some packages that spoil in transit due to delays. We suggest that you stock up on perishable sea moss gel products when it is cooler outside to ensure that you have the best experience using our products. However, over 90% of our shipments arrive fresh, so you can trust we will do everything we can to deliver your sea moss gel fresh.

Sea moss gummies and sea moss capsules are great to use during the summer because they don't have to be refrigerated and the shelf life is much longer than sea moss gel. Best part, they're plant based supplements and pack the same amount of power that sea moss gel has. 

Sea moss smoothies are a great way to stay cool and healthy in the heat. Our portable blenders/juicers are USB rechargeable and easy to use on the go. We also have foolproof smoothie mix that pairs perfectly with sea moss gel with minimal effort.