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Black Maca Root Sea Moss Gel | Yang (for him) | Recurring Delivery

Black Maca Root Sea Moss Gel | Yang (for him) | Recurring Delivery

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Wildcrafted sea moss, organic black maca root, organic yellow maca root, spring water.

How to use

Take 1oz to 3oz servings daily. Mix it in hot water, coffee, or tea. Blend it in a smoothie. Eat it raw.

Shelf Life

3 to 5 weeks. Must be refrigerated.


This product ships for free and is made to order. It can take up to 5 days to ship it.

Return policy

We don't accept returns because these items are made to order and are mostly perishable. Please contact us to report any damages or mistakes. We're happy to offer a replacement in most cases. Email or text us for more info. 702-557-4646

Say goodbye to the hassle of reordering. With Recurring Deliveries, your Yang Sea Moss Maca Root Blend will arrive at your doorstep exactly when you need it. No more running out or last-minute rushes! You're in control. Choose the delivery frequency that suits your lifestyle – whether it's every month or every other week. Our flexible options ensure your blend arrives on your terms. Worried about commitments? Don't be. You can pause, adjust, or cancel your Recurring Delivery subscription anytime. We're here to make your experience seamless and stress-free.

Unleash your inner vitality with our premium blend of Yellow, Black, and Red Maca Root combined with the power of Wildcrafted Sea Moss. This dynamic blend is your ticket to vitality, stamina, and overall well-being. Here's why our Yang Sea Moss Maca Root Blend is a game-changer:

🌱 Double Maca Power: This blend combines the unique strengths of two maca root varieties – Yellow and Black. Each type contributes its distinctive benefits, including improved stamina, hormone balance, and enhanced energy levels.

🌿 Wildcrafted Sea Moss: Our wildcrafted sea moss is sourced with care from pristine ocean environments. Rich in minerals, it complements maca root's natural goodness, offering comprehensive nourishment for your body.

🌱 Yin & Yang Harmony: Named after the ancient concept of balance, our Yang Blend provides support for masculine energy, helping you maintain your overall vitality.

🍃 Organic & GMO-Free: We believe in the power of nature in its purest form. That's why our blend is not only organic but also free from GMOs, ensuring you get the best nature has to offer without compromise.

🌿 Versatile Usage: Incorporate our Yang Sea Moss Maca Root Blend into your daily routine effortlessly. Add it to smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, or your favorite recipes for a natural boost.

🌱 Unlock Your Potential: Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance, a busy professional looking for sustained energy, or simply someone seeking to optimize your well-being, our Yang Blend is here to help you unlock your potential.

Revitalize your body and mind with the Yang Sea Moss Maca Root Blend - the perfect balance of nature's finest elements. Embrace the yang within you! Your journey to enhanced vitality begins here.

Please note: these statements haven't been evaluated by the FDA & our products aren't intended to treat or cure any disease.

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