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Sea Moss Gel Starter Kit with WholyWater Soursop Detox Tea | Gift Set

Sea Moss Gel Starter Kit with WholyWater Soursop Detox Tea | Gift Set

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-Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel
-Organic Bladderwrack
-Organic Burdock Root
-Spring Water
Gelatin Free capsules, No GMOs

How to use

MarciMoss - Take it raw. Blend in smoothie. Melt in WholyWater or hot drink. Use and face or hair mask.
SuperSoss - it's a snack, 3 to 4 ounce servings are appropriate for anyone.
WholyTrinity - Take it raw. Blend in smoothie. Melt in WholyWater or hot drink. Use on face and hair as a mask.

Shelf Life

Refrigerate the jar before you open it to prevent any unexpected messes, Cool for up to 6 hours before you open it. Keep refrigerated.
Best if consumed within 3 weeks. Can last about 5 weeks


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Unlock the potential of wellness with our Sea Moss Gel Starter Kit Gift set! This gift-wrapped bundle introduces you and your loved ones to the incredible world of wildcrafted sea moss through a selection of our best-selling products.

  • MarciMoss (4oz): A pure, raw, and creamy sea moss gel boasting 92 essential vitamins and minerals. Known for respiratory and immune support.

  • SuperSoss (4oz): Indulge in a delightful sea moss snack made of applesauce and pure sea moss gel. 

  • WholyTrinity (4oz): Our star product, blending Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, and Burdock Root. This organic powerhouse is loaded with 102 vitamins, supporting heart health, brain function, and more.

  • WholyWater (32oz): Sip on the goodness of soursop tea made from soursop leaves and spring water. Detoxify, aid gut health, and enjoy improved sleep.

  • WholyTrinity Sea Moss Capsules(optional): Convenient capsules for on-the-go nutrition without compromising on taste.

How to Use:

  • MarciMoss: Raw, blended, melted in WholyWater, or as a face/hair mask.
  • SuperSoss: A snack suitable for 3 to 4-ounce servings.
  • WholyTrinity: Raw, blended, melted in WholyWater, or used on face/hair as a mask.
  • Drink WholyWater hot or cold, hot if mixed with sea moss gel. Add sweetener if needed

How to Store: Refrigerate upon delivery. For in-person gifting, keep everything cool until the gift exchange.

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