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"I ordered the WholyWater, sea moss soap and sea moss gummies. I love all my products especially the WholyWater. It has been beneficial in helping me sleep better at night."
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WholyWater | Soursop Herbal Tea 32 oz | Pack of 2

WholyWater | Soursop Herbal Tea 32 oz | Pack of 2

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Spring water
Soursop leaves
Mango leaves
Hibiscus leaves

How to use

Serving size: 8oz
Up to 3 servings daily
Drink hot or cold. Sweeten with honey or agave.

Shelf Life

Best if consumed within 3 weeks, Can last up about 5 to 6 weeks. Keep refrigerated.


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The main ingredient used in WholyWater is soursop leaves and spring water. Each sip brings out a unique flavor profile in each mouthful thanks to mangoes as well as hibiscus flowers - just enough taste so we know it isn't loaded with sugar or artificial flavors, but also none overwhelming either. WholyWater is detox tea without the flushing effect. Soursop leaves have been used for centuries as a holistic supplement. Soursop leaves are even known to improve your quality of sleep without grogginess in the morning. Treat yourself to a wholy blend of WholyTrinity sea moss, burdock root and bladderwrack, and WholyWater soursop tea.

This is a dietary supplement and it has not been tested or approved by the FDA.

How to use:
Drink up to 2 or 3 - 8oz servings of WholyWater, hot or cold. You can sweeten with agave or honey. Add our sea moss gel to a hot cup of WholyWater for an extra boost of essential nutrients.
WholyWater is unsweetened and tastes like herbal infused water with an herbal aftertaste. An 8oz serving is suggested 1 to 3 times daily.

If intended for weight loss and detoxing, we recommend drinking 8oz of WholyWater 2-3 times-daily. Consistency is Key for intended results. Save time and money when you subscribe for recurring deliveries. For an extra health boost, pair with our WholyTrinity or MarciMoss Sea Moss Gel! Pair with WholyTrinity for a safe detox.

2 Bottles Per Unit Purchased
Bottle Size 32oz - 4 servings per bottle
Flavors: Egyptian(Sweeter), Mango, Pure

More Benefits:
Pet Friendly. Plant Based. Vegan. Holistic.
*Do NOT drink this if you have low blood pressure

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